Holy Traders Card Set 5

Set # 5 was issued in 2007, contains 26 cards, and features St. Matthew, St. Francis Xavier, All Saints Day and The Conversion of St. Paul. The cards also display beautiful religious art from classical artists such as Raphael, Giotto, Murrillo, Reni, Lippi, Fra Angelico, Zurbaran, and Saraceni.

The cards of Set #5 with Feast Date:

All Saints Day November 1
St. Andrew November 30
Feast of the Archangels September 29
St. Anthony January 17
Nativity of Mary September 8
St. Cecilia November 22
The Conversion of St. Paul January 25
St. Denis October 9
St. Francis Xavier December 3
Holy Family Special
Holy Innocents December 28
Martyrs of Japan February 6
St. Jerome September 30
St. Leander February 27
St. Leo the Great November 10
St. Lucy December 13
St. Luke November 18
St. Margaret of Cortona February 22
St. Margaret of Scotland November 16
St. Matthew September 21
Our Lady of Sorrows September 14
St. Peter Canisius December 21
The Presentation of Our Lord February 2
St. Raymond Penyafort January 7
St. Ursula October 21
St. Valentine February 14