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Holy Traders Cards

What People are saying About Holy Traders

“Fantastic for kids AND adults!”


“I had sets 1 and 2 of Holy Trader cards many years ago and 2 neighborhood kids who were Protestants, saw them, and wanted to know what they were. They were excited when I explained about them, so I gave one set to them to share. I missed not having them. Fast-forward to 2017 and I discovered them on Setonbooks.com. I found out as well that there are more than 2 sets! So I happily ordered them ALL. I showed them to my Priest and when he glanced at set #1, one of the Saints was significant to him, so that set went to him. 🙂 So here I am for another set #1. Lol. I pray EVERY Catholic has these–no matter what their age!”



“These Holy Traders saint cards are absolutely great!”

“As a teacher in a Catholic school, I find these cards a neat way to introduce a conversation about our Catholic faith and teach about everyday people who became saints. At times, I also pray and pass them out at random so as to use them as intercessors so the students can ask for spiritual help from these saints. These can also be a great prep guide for practicing informal speeches as students have the information at hand.”

-Mr. Castro 


“Great for inspiring young Catholics”

“I originally gave some to my nieces and nephews, and they really treasure them. As I was reading a few of them, I noticed that each card contains a great quote or brief anecdote or two, from the saint or from Church teachings, and these serve as fantastic little meditations to focus on throughout the day (even for adults)! These are really terrific cards! Wow. I have never seen such quality images and a glossy finish on cards of this size. The creators have done a real quality job on these. They’re very collectible and I HIGHLY recommend them – for anyone”

-D.R. Joseph