St. Vincent de Paul

Advice of St. Vincent de Paul to Sister Jean, Daughter of Charity, Making Her First Visit To The Poor…   “You will find that charity is a heavy burden to carry, heavier than the kettle of soup and the basket of bread. But you must keep your gentleness and smile. Giving soup and bread isn’t all; that the rich can do. You are the little servant of  the poor, the maid of charity, always smiling and in good humor…” Read more about St. Vincent de Paul and 29 more Saints in Holy Traders Set 1

St. Vincent de Paul

Father of the Poor

Founder: Daughters of Charity and Congregation of the Mission

Apostle of Charity

Born: April 24, 1581 Pouy, France

Died: September 27, 1660 Paris, France


Vincentian Fathers: April 17, 1625

Daughters of Charity: November 29, 1633

Ladies of Charity: Winter 1634

Beatified August 13, 1729 by Pope Benedict XIII

Canonized June 14, 1737 Pope Clement XII

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The Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Groups of lay people who, in the spirit of St. Vincent, are devoted to personally helping the poor. Started in 1833 in Paris by Frederic Ozanam, the Society grew rapidly and its good works have been praised and encouraged by many popes.